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Ausgabe Nr. 313

Alternative Image Production in Syria, Egypt and Palestine

  • Date:17.11.2015
  • Info:Watching media coverage of today's wars, images of violence appear distant and close at the same time. we are used to pixelated, low quality Images from mobilphones focusing on shattered houses on wounds and faces - an aesthetic we know from our everyday life, from youtube films of our kids and pets. At the same time those films are recorded by the people directly affected to the war. They are part of a journalistic system which more and more works with locals. This proxy journalism opens room to new voices and new perspectives, but also raises questions of contextualization, verification and critic.

    At the same time local artists use similar strategies to work from a distance, with collaborators in regions not accessible for them (for different political or economic reasons).
    Fabrikzeitung Nr. 313 examines these methods and portraits proxy filmmakers, bloggers, artists and (citizen-) journalists.


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