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The Rote Fabrik Music Program promotes approximately 100 concerts, parties and festivals per year.

A crew of dedicated music aficionados is in charge of a program that covers a vast variety of music genres. The program crew goes to great lengths to carefully pick outstanding bands and shows. It's a program designed for music lovers by music enthusiasts.

The music venues include the Aktionshalle (capacity 1300), the Clubraum (capacity 600), the restaurant Ziegel oh Lac (capacity 200), and the open-air summer stage at the shores of Lake Zurich.

The Rote Fabrik Music Program offers three main program lines:

  • Musikbüro: HipHop, Reggae / Dancehall, Soul, R & B, World Beat, Rock, Lo-Fi, Folk, Pop
  • Fabrikjazz: Jazz, Improvised Music
  • Ziischtigmusig: Rock

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